To qualify for consideration as a nominee for a 2018 Edison Award, your innovative product or service must be launched and available to end-users between July 1, 2016 and February 28, 2018.

Evaluation Criteria

Building on the heritage of Thomas Edison and the 30-year history of the Edison Awards, the evaluation criteria ensures that all companies, regardless of industry, domain or innovation type can clearly communicate, affirm and support their nomination.

These evaluation criteria were established to be relevant, comprehensive, well-aligned with the ever-evolving definition of "innovation," transparent for nominees AND clearly defined for our voting bodies. There are no precise, objective metrics that unambiguously define how companies and concepts rank for each evaluation criteria. We have developed the evaluation criteria and a corresponding set of assessment tools and scales that we believe allow for a fair, honest and equitable assessment of each entry. All entries will be judged on the following Edison Award criteria:


Opportunity, conception, method, and development

In the true spirit of Thomas Edison, we are looking for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem but also seize an opportunity and create a new market or industry. And true to Edison's work, we are interested in the overall method and development of the concept and opportunity. We would like to understand how discovery, collaboration, iteration, prototyping, etc. contributed to the conception and development of the innovation as it progressed from genesis to design and implementation.


Need/desire, differentiation, cost, and advantage
For Edison, value was a primary driver for his innovations. We would like to understand how the innovation satisfies an existing need or desire. We are seeking evidence for how the offering is different and whether it has distinct, game changing advantages over any alternatives. We also want to evaluate its unique value proposition, the relationship between its cost and benefits and its economic desirability


Message, engagement, availability, and achievement
Edison was not only an accomplished innovator but also a great communicator, marketer and master of delivery. We would like to understand how the message and broader story of the innovation is communicated in clear and compelling ways. We are looking for interesting examples of how consumers have been engaged and how the offering has been delivered and made available to the marketplace.. Finally, we are interested in how the value proposition of the offering is being achieved, fulfilled and validated in the marketplace.


Sustainability, social responsibility, and potential
Edison devoutly believed that real innovation not only demonstrated commercial success but also sustained sensitivity to broader implications. We would like to understand the immediate and longer term impact the innovation has on the environment and society as a whole. We are also interested in how the offering may establish a vision or be the basis of a larger system or platform of innovations and how it might be an inspiration to future innovation and innovators.