Edison Awards is a program of Edison Universe, a 501(c)(3) organization. While our awards honor invention, recognize achievement and celebrate success, Edison Universe is focused on fostering innovation.

Edison Universe celebrates natural curiosity, supports discovery, promotes the core skills and processes of innovation, and helps foster a deeper understanding of teamwork and experimentation. A few key objectives are promoting innovation concepts and curriculum in a variety of media; mentoring and encouraging students, and bridging students to industry.

Edison Universe is focused on nourishing the possibilities, opportunities and foundations of success to empower the imaginations and vision of tomorrow's inventors and innovators. Edison Universe Motivated by Edison's unique vision, unbridled optimism and insatiable curiosity, Edison Universe is committed to inspiring educational institutions and supporting the business world.

Edison Universe is leading achievement by collaborating and engaging with new partners and actively working with Edison Award winners and Lifetime Achievement honorees to:
  • develop new innovation curriculums
  • sponsor educational programs
  • design new education toolkits
  • support new innovation laboratories
  • host live, mobile innovation fairs
  • organize conferences
  • fund educational scholarships
  • ...and more

Examples of Edison Universe in Action

Congress of Innovators

Edison Universe has partnered with RadMatter, a game-based talent development platform, to bridge college students to industry. Edison Award Innovation community members provide challenges/missions for innovation students to solve. This program showcases students' skills, develops future talent, and provides the students with valuable feedback about their ideas.

Empowering Youth

To address at-risk middle school students, Edison Universe has partnered with the scienceFIST foundation. The 12-week after school science clubs provide innovation studies, mentoring, and hands-on student innovation. Edison Award Innovation community members provide show & tell style presentations about their innovative companies and many personally mentor (remotely) five students on a weekly basis.

Influences, Inspirations and Insights

The Edison Awards are about the triumphs of today, while Edison Universe is about empowering the imaginations and vision of tomorrow's inventors and innovators. For more information on fostering innovation in education, visit the following resources: