Top 3 “Green” Innovations from the 2013 Edison Awards

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Implementing the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle—greatly enhance environmental health.   From recycling old electronics to building waste-free facilities, many 2013 Edison Award Winners exemplified innovation in sustainability.

As we look forward to the 2017 Edison Awards season, let’s take a look back with our Edison flashback at these leaders of industry who have improved our planet one innovation at a time.


Since 2013 ecoATM’s have popped up in multiple locations across the nation and have recycled over three million devices. The average environmental impact of a single ecoATM recycling and reusing phones over a one-year period is equivalent to the energy savings of taking four US houses off the grid. These devices have dramatically raised recycling rates while paying millions of dollars to consumers for those unwanted electronics.

336 H Hybrid excavator 

As a leading innovator in the construction space, Caterpillar unveiled the first hybrid excavator in 2012. The 336 H dramatically reduced the amount of fuel needed to operate, by nearly 50%. The Caterpillar team was also successful in significantly lowering sound and exhaust emissions. The 336 H hybrid won a 2013 Edison Silver Award and launched a series of successful hybrid construction vehicles.

GM Landfill-Free Program

GM views waste as an out of place resource. Since 2013 the number of landfill-free facilities has grown from 103 to 131 around the world. These facilities recycle, reuse or convert to energy all waste from daily operations.  GM looks to have 100 landfill-free manufacturing sites and 50 nonmanufacturing sites globally by 2020.

Is your company leading the way in sustainable technology? A 2017 Edison Award would show the world your achievement.  Visit the Edison Awards website for more information.

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