6 Gifts Ideas For the Techie In Your Life

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Shop Amazon or walk into any Best Buy and you’ll be battered by displays of the top tech gifts. But maybe you’re shopping for someone who already has an a new iPhone, Apple Watch and echo. In that case, here are six suggestions that will appeal to any self-respecting techie.


iType-CiType-C is a smart working and disruptive solution, portable storage drive, light and small in size. Expands iPhone/iPad storage capacity and at the same time access, manage or transfer files to other devices. This smart storage drive integrates Lightning, Type C, Micro USB and Standard USB-A interfaces, meeting the needs of MackBook 12” users for Type C storage to access all mainstream interfaces.




onyx-collectionOnyx is a single-touch wearable voice badge that makes it easy to have instant voice conversations over any distance. Talk one-on-one or one-to-many without looking away from what you’re doing. Just press and ask Alexa to control your smart home, get news, weather and traffic updates and more.





Helix Cuff

helix-lifestyle-6Helix Cuff is the first wearable product of it’s kind. Featuring glossy metal and sturdy rubber for everyday use, the bracelet serves as stylish holder for a removable Bluetooth headset. The minimalistic headset features high quality 8mm-D speakers, multi point connectivity, smart control, and meets IPX5 water resistant standards. The band itself comes in multiple colors to accommodate user preferences.




Nakamichi ELSA Wireless High-Performance Headphones

indoor1 billion people are at risk of losing their hearing. ELSA stimulates responsible listening via smart autonomous listening assessment, auto volume control, and an alert system that alters your listening behavior. The world’s 1st Ironless drivers deliver an audible difference to your music library.





The Explorer

echobox-explorer-x1-high-resolution-audio-player1Since the dawn of the MP3 age, people have become used to bad sound. Most music services use low-quality, highly compressed MP3 files, and smartphones that process audio with mediocre sound components chosen for cost rather than quality. The Explorer bucks the trend by using professional-grade audio hardware to recreate a truly lifelike listening experience, and pairs this hardware with uncompressed music streamed from TIDAL.





bevel-300x200The bevel is an attachment for smartphones and tablets that lets you capture 3D photos and share them on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. The bevel’s intuitive app and quick processing make streaming high quality 3D images on mobile devices as easy as sharing regular photos.




These gifts prove the future is now, are sure to bring a smile to anyone who receives them. Looking for other holiday gift ideas? Visit our nominee gallery for other innovative holiday gift ideas.

2017 Edison Award winners will be announced April 20, 2017.

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