Author: Calvin Hodock

Calvin L. Hodock is former Chairman of the Board of the American Marketing Association, the world's largest professional marketing society. He is a nationally recognized authority on marketing and product innovation. His marketing credentials were earned at the Gillette Company, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson in senior management positions. He was also partner at Comart/KLP, one of the country's largest marketing service agencies at the time. Hodock currently is on the Board of Directors of NuVim, Inc, a startup company marketing a line of healthy beverages to Wal-Mart and major supermarket accounts on the East Coast.

Hodock is a full-time faculty member at Berkeley College teaching marketing courses at their Middlesex and Garrett Mountain campuses. He also teaches an advertising course at New York University and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges, including the Wharton School. During his stewardship of the American Marketing Association, Hodock created the prestigious AMA EDISON AWARD presented annually to American corporations for product innovation excellence. During a twelve-year period, he reviewed Edison submissions for literally thousands of new products and services from America's elite corporations. Some of this material, not available in the public domain, was used in his new book Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things. He became a heralded new product guru widely quoted in the press as a result of the Edison experience.

Hodock's involvement with the EDISON AWARDS and his book on product innovation have resulted in appearances on Fox Business News CBS, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg, numerous radio stations in local markets, and print media, including publications like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Jose Mercury. Brandweek, Advertising Age, Promo Magazine, and Marketing News. Numerous universities and professional organizations throughout the country, such as 3M and American Gas Association Financial Forum, have heard his thought-provoking lectures on marketing and innovation strategies. He is now working on another book The Brainwashing of America which focuses on branding.

How Marketing Technology Devoured Our Culture

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It seems almost surreal that the Edison Awards were initially introduced nearly three decades ago. But, as its founding father, I have as “proof devices” many fond memories from the association and a receding hairline. Over the past three decades of Edison Awards, the currents of time have given us significant and remarkable shifts in … Continue reading How Marketing Technology Devoured Our Culture

Creativity and Product Innovation

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On a business trip to the US, Honda’s CEO found fumbling for change at tollgates a problem, even an irritation when the cars behind impatiently started honking their horns.  Coin trays in cars today are taken for granted, but Honda was the first, due to their CEO’s smart observation of an important, but undetected, problem … Continue reading Creativity and Product Innovation