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Traditional metal fabrication processes like injection molding, can be noisy, create extreme welding fumes and exhaust, and require workers use a large amount of chemicals. Desktop Metal’s new additive manufacturing method uses FDM techniques that are safer and easier to work with.

Jonah Myerberg, CEO with Desktop Metal will be joined by Don T. Jones General Manager of Global Parts Strategy and Transformation to discuss how metal printing technology has corporations are looking at inventory differently, and how a company such as Caterpillar is embracing the technology to create a lower overhead when storing inventory.

Additional discussion topics include:

  •  How 3D Printing increases the versatility of prototyping
  • How 3D Printing is drop dead simple – and the effects it will have on future factories
  • How 3D Printing eliminates the need for expensive, industrial facilities

To learn more about additional presenters at the 2018 Edison Awards visit:

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