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Exercise improves your body, but how do you optimize your brain? EMOTIV Inc. has build a wireless headset to do just that. The Emotiv Insight is wearable technology designed to optimize your brain fitness and performance. This wireless headset is nominated for a 2014 Edison Award in the Lifestyle & Social Impact / Personal Wellness category. Emotiv CEO Tan Le answered our questions about the impact this technology will have on personal health and well-being.

Emotiv-Product1) What is your company and how does your mission statement shape development?
Emotiv Lifesciences is a bioinformatics company offering a unique platform for crowd-sourced brain research. To have a comprehensive picture of one’s health, we need both cognitive and physical well-being. We want to empower individuals to understand their own brain and to accelerate brain research globally. The best way to achieve this is by making the enabling technology more affordable, easier to use and foster continued innovation by offering a development platform for developers and researchers.

2) How does your company’s product advance technology within your field?
The demand for self-driven, non-invasive, preventative options for people is increasing. People are interested in more wellness and fitness solutions to improve their quality of life and make better and more informed choices. The Emotiv Insight brainwearTM is a sleek, 5 channel, wireless headset that reads your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data everyone can understand.The Emotiv Insight allows you to optimize your brain fitness & performance, measure and monitor your own or your family’s cognitive health & wellbeing, and develop amazing new applications.

3) How do you innovate within your industry?
What’s most exciting is that brain research has moved beyond psychology, psychiatry, and neurology, and merged with physics, engineering, electronics, computer and material sciences, statistical analysis,and even information technologies. Advances in technology are contributing ever-better, smaller, faster, and smarter devices and techniques.  Advancements in neuroimaging alongside cloud computing & big data analytics promises to bring on major changes in brain research. Emotiv leverages cloud computing, big data and mobile technology to offer valuable personal insights and accelerate brain research globally. The human brain is an important frontier, and together, we are opening up new possibilities.

4) How did you lead your team to success?
Hard work, mutual respect, determination, strong shared vision and a good sense of humor

5) What’s next for your company?
We want to make quality, affordable, brainwear available to everyone and accelerate brain research globally.

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