Wireless Vibration Suit Helps Deaf Hear Music

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Music: Not Impossible started with the premise of providing a better live music concert experience for the deaf and hard of hearing, however, now has advanced into a platform for those individuals to perform in ways they never thought they would before. For example, singer/songwriter, Mandy Harvey, who became deaf at age 18, can feel music through vibrations with specialized equipment that works with her heightened senses. Her story has touched millions, along with America’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell.

In her journey, Harvey utilized technology that Not Impossible Labs created, allowing her to experience music more fully. CEO, Mick Ebeling describes the technology “as a wireless ecosystem” as the Music:Not Impossible system is designed to use hardware, software, and clothing that send vibrations to assigned channels across the body, replicating an array of musical instruments from either live performances or a musical feed to the wearer’s body.

Visit http://musicnotimpossible.com to learn more on how Music: Not Impossible is continuing to better the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing through technology.

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Mellissa Hopkins

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