The Edison Awards celebrates the “Women Behind Innovation”; recognizing women who are paving the way and encouraging young women to dream big and develop the critical skills they need to fuel tomorrow’s innovation culture.



  • Women Behind Innovation: Sabrina Woodworth
    December 1, 2017
    Sabrina Woodworth is a Project Manager with Fluor Corporation in the Energy & Chemicals business line and is currently responsible for managing a sustaining capital portfolio of seven projects on the Enbridge Alliance. Sabrina graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2006 with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. She was a ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Isabella Graef, M.D.
    December 1, 2017
    Isabella Graef, M.D., is a scientific co-founder of Eidos Therapeutics and a faculty member at Stanford University. Dr. Graef’s medical training, together with her research training at University of California, Berkeley and Stanford, led her to address questions at the intersection of medicine, biology and chemistry. The Graef Lab at Stanford ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Yen-Lane Chen
    November 17, 2017
      As a pharmaceutical chemist, Yen-Len Chen has been working to save lives for over ten years. With a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chen performed her postdoctoral research in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota. Chen joined Boston Scientific in 2004 and is currently ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Katherine Faber
    November 10, 2017
    For the last almost ten years Katherine Faber has been leading her team at Dow Construction Chemicals to success. Working to create new product development for coatings that are used in the commercial and residential building envelope, Katherine’s team is looking to change the way buildings are made. The Edison Awards ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Mary Beth Westmoreland
    November 3, 2017
       Named one of the 2017 Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by the National Diversity Council — a definitive list that honors the most extraordinary female leaders, influencers and achievers impacting the technology industry. Mary Beth Westmoreland understands what it takes to keep her team moving forward. As  Chief Technology Officer, responsible for leading ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Chloe Kow
    October 27, 2017
    Born and raised in Malaysia, Chloe found an early love in engineering, and began studying materials and manufacturing engineering.With a masters in advanced engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, and over 10 years of experience, Chloe is the DMLM Manager of Star Rapid where she brings a wealth of expertise to every project, insuring the ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Elizabeth Owen
    October 13, 2017
    Elizabeth Owen is committed to leveraging machine learning to optimize adaptive and engaging learning systems. From an early start Elizabeth has always had a passion for education and helping those around her achieve their very best. Before joining Age of Learning as the Director of Learning and Data Science, Elizabeth worked ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Priska Diaz
    October 12, 2017
    As a leading innovator and 2015 Edison Awards winner, Priska has single-handedly, developed a disruptive technology in a category that sat still for decades. Priska relocated to the United States from her native Peru at the age of 17. As a disadvantaged immigrant, Priska studied English and financed her college education by ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Dr. Rebecca Von Der Heide
    October 5, 2017
    Since she can remember, Dr. Rebecca Von Der Heide has always asked “why’? Her passion for understanding the human mind led her to Penn State University, where she earned her Ph.D. and M.S. in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience and completed two years of postdoctoral neuroscience training at Temple University.  Rebecca also completed two ...
  • Women Behind Innovation: Emily Tipaldo
    September 28, 2017
    Emily Tipaldo is an advocate for responsible plastic solutions. Recently named a “Rising Star” in Plastics News, Emily leads the Plastics Division’s Packaging Team, representing major U.S. resin suppliers. She is an advocate for policies and value chain initiatives that recognize plastic packaging and plastic products as valuable resources. Emily leads ...