The Winner Seal amplifies consumer awareness and communicates that the product or service was awarded the prestigious Edison Award for innovation and success in the marketplace. The Seal must be licensed for use. Here are just a few ways you can use the licensed Seal to help boost your success:

Note: The Edison Award Nominee Seal is provided to everyone who nominated their innovation for a 2018 Edison Award. It is free to use until May 1, 2018 and can be utilized in many of the same ways as the Winner Seal.

Using the Seal Works

During an in-store study conducted at Kroger Foods, a group of Edison Award-winning products were promoted by highlighting their award-winning status in a front-of-store display, encouraging consumers to "look for these products." Additionally, POP tags were placed on the shelves, distinguishing the Edison Award winners. In an effort to preserve conditions of normal up-and-down consumer spikes, no other promotions or special pricing were conducted.

Sales were tracked over the 13 week period and compared to a control sales period thirteen weeks earlier. The results were astounding: Edison Award-winning products experienced sales increases of up to 180% when compared to the control group.

When given a choice in their busy lives, consumers want to know what products have been determined "the best," and they will naturally gravitate to that product. The Edison Award Winning Seal will enable your product to stand out prominently, separating it from the competition.

Edison Award Winners seeking information about licensing packages should contact Rob Manes at or 816.510.5128.